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New week, new boot menu version

Tuesday, July 5th, 2011

BuBU made significant improvements to the gen8 boot menu, so we’ve decided to make a blog post.

Note that this is still work in progress so you should actually follow (and link to) the boot menu guide on the developer wiki.

Most notable recent improvements:

  • new advanced menu which appear in OS selection (which lead to a new menu with debugging (serial stuff), recovery, reboot, disable rooted device, disable comcache)
  • other important feature is check validity for /file.img if does not exists it shows a list of available *.img under storage and it magically fix the menu.lst with the selected entry
  • fixed the touchscreen issue (under debian/other OSes)
  • difference between standard and debug is that the menu for serial appears early in initramfs
  • for both debug/standard you can switch serial… if you selected NONE initially.. u can go back in advanced menu > DEBUGGING to change to Ether or if u selected Ether you can got to same place to change to Both (or None or whatever)
  • Booting off partitions including µSD card partitions
  • IPv6 support in kernel

We plan to bring as many features as possible to the gen7 boot menu too in the near future so stay tuned.

Please report all problems on IRC and or to our issue tracker!

Here are the files for the impatient who know what they are doing:

gingerbread, another update

Tuesday, June 28th, 2011

< _BuBU> dm8tbr: time for new anouncement? :D
< _BuBU> openaos-gingerbread-20110628_122823.img.gz
< _BuBU> ATTENTION !! new zImage/initramfs.cpio.gz are required (else accelerometer will not work the right way on A101
< _BuBU> so:
< _BuBU> – accelerometer should work
< _BuBU> – both sdcard and storage should be mounted
< _BuBU> – bigger home/menu/back buttons..
< _BuBU> – update from upstream cyanogenmod (so regression or improvements expected)
< _BuBU> for the accelerometer you may have to active 180 degrees into cyanogenmod display settings

Gingerbread CM now for Archos – Proof of concept

Friday, June 24th, 2011

Bubu sat down and made Cyanogenmod Gingerbread Android 2.3 working in his spare time. This is a proof of concept so don’t expect too much.

Currently working:

  • SGX/EGL 3D acceleration
  • WiFi
  • Touchscreen
  • adb
  • Android Market

Not working:

  • Audio
  • Bluetooth
  • Accelerometer
  • accelerated Video decoding
  • Suspend
  • TS calibration on A28/A32/A43

Known problems:

  • general instability / random crashes
  • Touchscreen has problems on the A101
  • hard to use on resistive TS models due to missing calibration

We’re looking for help to take this further. As this can’t be done by one person alone.

If you want to try it. It currently works on gen8 with latest openAOS boot menu:

You need to gunzip and copy it into the root directory of your device, then add it to your menu.lst.

Sources are here:
(Currently this is only vendor/archos/gen8 and device/archos/gen8, so you need to first “clone” the master branch of CyanogenMod)

Join us on IRC if you want to have a chat about it. This also has potential for the A5IT/A48IT but it needs volunteers that will help to make that happen.

Boot-menu for gen8 – preview

Friday, June 10th, 2011

BuBu was hard at work for the last few weeks and now we have something working to show.

We’ve added gen8 support to our boot-menu. It looks and feels almost the same like on gen6 and gen7.

UPDATE: HowTo here:

Sources are here:

Those are our patched versions of the Archos official git.

And here are binaries:

Currently known issues:

  • No TS support on A70S, A70H, A101 inside the boot-menu
  • TS support in boot-menu removed also from other models due to problems
  • currently some problems with cdc-acm debugging, work in progress
  • Vol+/- is reversed on A101



If it screws up your device, don’t come whining, you’ve been warned. If something doesn’t work, just reinstall original firmware or SDE.

Invitation / FAQ: Honeycomb on gen7/gen8? – YES! Once there is source in AOSP

Wednesday, March 2nd, 2011

We’d like to clarify something here and at the same time invite people to join efforts.

A question we get asked a lot in one form or the other is:

“When will there be Honeycomb on gen8 devices?”

Our answer to this is that:

Serious Honecomb adaptation can only start once there are sources for it in AOSP. This is valid for every device out there, not only Archos.

Some people might start screaming “But hardware XYZ runs Honeycomb!” – the answer to that is “No it does not!“, what some people managed to do is take binaries meant for the emulator contained in the Honeycomb SDK and run them on actual hardware. This is nowhere near what properly adapted software can do. Without checking, I’d bet it’s not even properly GLES accelerated.

openAOS would like to invite everyone interested in bringing the Honeycomb version of Android to Archos hardware to join forces!

There is a lot to be gained by everyone working together. We have learned a lot about Archos hardware and this would benefit both gen7 and gen8 as a target. There are many similarities.

We also have a good contact to Archos and this has always helped us to figure out hardware specific bits and pieces. This has helped many projects around Archos hardware, even commercial ones. The debian adaptation to gen6 hardware wouldn’t have been possible without the reference work by Kevin Boone, Smoku’s MeeGo efforts benefited from our groundwork, we have spent time working on making FroYo more than a proof-of-concept on gen7 etc.

All openAOS wants to do is help community projects that want to build around Archos hardware. So if you want to join in, contact us, preferably on IRC (see the chat button, talk to dm8tbr). We’re happy to offer our resources:

  • Webspace (also for large downloads)
  • Wiki (currently intended for developers)
  • Issue tracker
  • Blog
  • Android on Archos hardware mailing list
  • gitorious hosted Archos GPL Buildroot environments, including the Archos/TI kernel source, that are open for patch submissions and improvements.
  • you-name-it (your ideas, our server hardware ;-) )