openAOS Crow for gen7 and gen8

December 25th, 2012
It’s been a while since our last release (Bull, you might remember).
But divx118 has been still working hard and here is another improved release.
Fixes for gen7/gen8:
  • Updated gapps download link bookmark in browser <– note this will only update when you use a new data.img.
  • Airplane mode works now and doesn’t mess with wifi anymore <– You will need a new data.img to let this properly work.
  • Improved deep sleep.
  • Some things I may have forgotten about.
  • Updated to latest CM7 source code.
  • Turned of rooted device for original firmware by default, because unionfs eats some resources on gen7 which slow down the device a bit. It can be enabled in advanced menu in the openaos bootmenu.
 Fixes for gen8:
  • Mounting external sdcard on pc works internal storage not.
  • USB host support, keyboard, mouse works
  • Usb stick works and is mounted on the folder usb_host in /mnt/storage
  • Clicking noice when going to deep sleep is almost entirely gone, but it can still come back in some cases a reboot will fix it when it comes back.
  • Youtube video playback fixed. SD clips play just fine, however HD can have some stuttering (hardware restriction).
  • Resizing when rotating the display should be solved for A101IT. I couldn’t test it yet on A70 and A43 maybe they still need some minor adjustments.
  • Removed mounting of the dangerous rawfs partition


The respective wiki pages for  gen7 and gen8 have been updated.

For those who know™ the raw files are here for gen7 and gen8

Apologies: Long downtime due to hardware problems

October 24th, 2012

When it happens it happens all at once.

We’ve had some unfortunate hardware fault to deal with and getting replacement hardware to our hosting took quite long. Also bringing it up and restoring the virtual machine for took longer.

It involved among other things:

  • delays in getting the hardware
  • delays because of sickness of volunteers involved
  • delays due to business travel
  • delays due to lack of free time

On the plus side, the physical host now is a much better machine and less likely to fail than the previous hardware.


Archos (finally) releases SDE for gen9!

May 14th, 2012

So, they finally got around to it and it’s officially here! Glad to see this happening.


For those that want to use build-root and create something with minimal userspace the sources for SDE also appeared on archos git repository:

(note this is the source for the content of the SDE aos file, it does not allow you to create a signed AOS file. If you want to use the output, just flash it through recovery)

Something interesting for gen9 owners

December 15th, 2011

A little birdie just told us about stock firmware:

Vibra is not built into all units, but if yours has a vibra motor you can turn it on by issuing:

  echo ro.board.has_vibrator=yes >> /data/local.prop

If you want to damage your hearing, this one is for you:

  echo >> /data/local.prop


We’ll not be held responsible for whatever you do with this information. For all we know the unit might try to bite you or eat your homework!


A preview to ‘Bull’ – next openAOS Android release for gen7/gen8

December 5th, 2011

The first ReleaseCandidate has been done a while ago and we got some very important feedback from the testers – thanks again to everyone who filed tickets! We’re working hard with our limited resources to make this a great release, sadly this takes time.

As the RC is not advertized nor supported you haven’t read about it here on the openAOS blog. Still we figure we should show you what’s cooking now that we’re closing in. This release will still be based on Cyanogenmod 7 and will support Archos gen7 and gen8 devices (including A48IT).

Thanks to leijae for the video!