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Apologies: Long downtime due to hardware problems

Wednesday, October 24th, 2012

When it happens it happens all at once.

We’ve had some unfortunate hardware fault to deal with and getting replacement hardware to our hosting took quite long. Also bringing it up and restoring the virtual machine for took longer.

It involved among other things:

  • delays in getting the hardware
  • delays because of sickness of volunteers involved
  • delays due to business travel
  • delays due to lack of free time

On the plus side, the physical host now is a much better machine and less likely to fail than the previous hardware.


temporary problems with email addresses

Monday, September 12th, 2011

Hi, just a quick blurb. Emails to addresses and currently experience problems.

This sadly also concerns the mailing lists.

We hope to solve this soon. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Updated Gingerbread image

Sunday, June 26th, 2011

Bubu updated the Android 2.3 Gingerbread image:

Changes include:

  • working sound
  • playback of various audio formats
  • sync to latest CM changes (could have introduced both improvements and regressions)

See previous post and general gen8 instructions for details.

Gen7 support may arrive shortly.

Archos joins gitorious, makes things easier for developers.

Saturday, April 2nd, 2011

Archos just opened a gitorious account and are uploading all the open source licensed code (mainly GPL) to it.

Don’t wet your pants though, Android sources won’t be in there. ;-)

What will be there is the content of all the tar-balls from their webpage. So for developers that want to check out the code things just got a lot easier.

end-of-blurb, have a nice weekend


Invitation / FAQ: Honeycomb on gen7/gen8? – YES! Once there is source in AOSP

Wednesday, March 2nd, 2011

We’d like to clarify something here and at the same time invite people to join efforts.

A question we get asked a lot in one form or the other is:

“When will there be Honeycomb on gen8 devices?”

Our answer to this is that:

Serious Honecomb adaptation can only start once there are sources for it in AOSP. This is valid for every device out there, not only Archos.

Some people might start screaming “But hardware XYZ runs Honeycomb!” – the answer to that is “No it does not!“, what some people managed to do is take binaries meant for the emulator contained in the Honeycomb SDK and run them on actual hardware. This is nowhere near what properly adapted software can do. Without checking, I’d bet it’s not even properly GLES accelerated.

openAOS would like to invite everyone interested in bringing the Honeycomb version of Android to Archos hardware to join forces!

There is a lot to be gained by everyone working together. We have learned a lot about Archos hardware and this would benefit both gen7 and gen8 as a target. There are many similarities.

We also have a good contact to Archos and this has always helped us to figure out hardware specific bits and pieces. This has helped many projects around Archos hardware, even commercial ones. The debian adaptation to gen6 hardware wouldn’t have been possible without the reference work by Kevin Boone, Smoku’s MeeGo efforts benefited from our groundwork, we have spent time working on making FroYo more than a proof-of-concept on gen7 etc.

All openAOS wants to do is help community projects that want to build around Archos hardware. So if you want to join in, contact us, preferably on IRC (see the chat button, talk to dm8tbr). We’re happy to offer our resources:

  • Webspace (also for large downloads)
  • Wiki (currently intended for developers)
  • Issue tracker
  • Blog
  • Android on Archos hardware mailing list
  • gitorious hosted Archos GPL Buildroot environments, including the Archos/TI kernel source, that are open for patch submissions and improvements.
  • you-name-it (your ideas, our server hardware ;-) )