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Debian with lxde desktop on archos gen8

Monday, May 23rd, 2011

With thanks to the post from katleastudio on xda to get me started, I created a debian lxde rootfs.img that works with the angstrom kernel from SDE. I documented the steps which can be found in the wiki entry Debian gen8 . There is also a download available for the rootfs.

Note: I tested this on an A101IT , but it should also work on other gen8 devices. For devices with resistive touchscreen it will need an additional calibration tool.

Things that work on Debian:

- Wifi

- Sound

- Video playback (no acceleration yet)

- Battery monitor

- Package manager

There is however still a lot to do like getting dsp, sgx , usb ports, bluetooth etc. It is just a nice image to play around with and get to know more about linux and your archos.

Below are some screenshots.

Enjoy and if you have any questions about the guide irc is the place to be.