How to help the openAOS project?

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  1. Jimbo says:

    Great to see a project like this up and running!

    Android 2 point anything would make the A5IT a serious tool, like I thought it was when I bought it.

    I can’t help with the code but I would be willing to find time to help if there is anything else I could do?

  2. AdamSik says:

    trust me you all would like me to help.. #CM9 is coming soon tho i use my sammie 10.1 and xoom also xoom 2 more i dont like to see devices fall behind.. I did notice you all got a ok .img of #CM7 lets make this a full os port and merge in to the cm tree.. Nighltys would get some people chatting about and coming around the forums or even archos would notice. May i also point out how open and Dev Friendly these devices are makes no sense not to try to contribute a bit of time.. So in the end what im getting at is lets polish off this #CM7 and getting ready for CM9 also work on some overclocking and maybe some sciprts a rom toolbox something… Get at me guys thanks -Adamj

    • tbr says:

      It makes a lot of sense to get our hardware adaptation into CM, we’re getting closer to a quite good state for that.
      Especially with Android 4 source supporting tablets.

  3. Todd says:

    I recently installed the Gingerbread 2.3.5 build on my A5IT, and was really impressed with the work that has gone into this project! It only took about an hour for me to go from a bone stock Android 1.6 machine to a fully fledged Gingerbread device. Yes there are still a few bugs, but it is speedy and very functional. Keep up the amazing work!

  4. Michael says:

    My bad – Gen7 :)

    I do not have programing experience, but am willing to help. How can I be of assistance? My Sundays are open.


  5. Michael says:

    Hey guys, thanks for working on the gen8 gingerbread rom. I am an frugal geek and just do not want to spend money on another Archos device that promises the best of all the worlds. Please continue working on the CM7 rom and I will be donating to the geek cause. If all who read this did the same, and stopped being web parasites, we could have a very cool, unique tool to show off and use in a few months. Think about it.

    Thanks again guys!


    • tbr says:

      Thanks Michael,
      I guess you mean gen7. What would help us much more than any donations would be more helping hands, so far Gingerbread was a one man operation. I know you understand that, but most other people don’t.

      • Sher says:

        You guys are great !!! I cant thank you enough for all the hard work you have done. Im willing to help out any way i can. I will give a description of what im running right now and short versions of how i got there. I love this tablet.. and today… im sporting a great big smile, cause i got Pocket Legends on it!! :D The real sole purpose for this tablet for me.. since my main toy is HTC Evo, which i also have rooted. Here is what i have:
        Model# openAOS Build of Android 2.3 (Cyanogenmod edition)
        Android Version 2.3.5
        Kernel Version omap 1
        Build# gen7-userdebug 2.3.5 GINGERBREAD eng.bubu.20110818.134658 test-keys
        CPU Info ARMv7 Oricessir Rev 3(v7l)
        Mem Info 41 mb available/187 total

        Steps I took to get there:
        Installed- firmware_archos 5. rar (cause i errrr messed up in testing and started from scratch)
        Installed- firmware SDE
        Installed- gen7 gingerbread eng.bubu.20110818.134658 test keys

        Latest Version of Windows Media Player installed on my comp
        Booted Archos up (mine says Donut) after i edited menu.1st
        Went to Settings/Device Storage & USB Connections/USB Mode..(On my Archos) and clicked on MTP
        Plugged in USB cable to my Windows XP comp (media player opens a window for your archos… select open folder to view files) You will now see your archos with various files on the root. Click on the download file. Its the one we need.
        Placed correct version (for my Archos 5) of google apps apk from Cyanogen Wiki page, Into the download folder.
        Unmount and disconnect from comp the proper way
        Boot into Gingerbread… it will auto detect the zip in download and proceed to install it. Follow screen. Sign into gmail.. etc etc.. See Cyanogen Wiki for more details. Its where i found.
        Now For The Fun Stuff :
        Downloaded Root Exploror <<<<< Love that App to my comp and placed on root, opened it with file manager from Gingerbread
        Downloaded Pocket Legends !!!! :D from comp to root
        Thats it so far… Market is workin fine.. i can now install most of what i need from there. And if not there.. my Evo has it to grab from. Wifi is working great. No issues.. booted up extremely fast infact. The soul purpose in this project was to get Pocket Legends on it… yea im a PL junkie. But i had great fun rooting this . I wanted to throw it against the wall many times… but didnt. Thanks to all the people that made this possible .. and the many web sites that had the posts i needed to read to get to know this Archos better. Please let me know what if anything , i can do to help the cause. Untill then… im off to play PL on my new Archos 5 :D D

  6. says:

    Hey, just donated; glad to see Cyanogen port is stable. Really hoping someone can develop ClockworkMod for Gen8 as I am hesitant to install SDE & void warranty. Thanks for the work!

    • tbr says:

      Thanks for your donation, very much appreciated.

      You can NOT run any other firmware without installing SDE. That is out of the question. Also the recovery works very well, no need for any ‘clockwork’, see my comment on other page.

  7. Karl Royer says:

    Your donate link is broken!

    • tbr says:

      Thanks we’ll fix it. meanwhile you should be able to send your donations to ‘donations’ at this domain:

  8. Ben says:

    You guys do a great job!

    I will install the new Alpha 5 on my 5IT and will report any bugs here,
    I also posted some comments on other forums if some people could help with this project!

    I recently bought a seonc 5IT and it would be so great to have 2.2 working on it

    • help says:

      im really having a tuff time with the open aos for my archos 5,i follow the procedure correctly but for some reaon once the archos firmware with the construction sign loads up the next screan is all black. I can not see the open aos screan

  9. Ulf says:

    Hi there,
    I just installed the multi boot on my Archos 5IT and froyo alpha4 is running.
    I really love it and I am looking forward to the “unlikely”
    I want to help the project by donating some money, but I didn’t find the PayPal Email adress to send the money.



    • tbr says:

      Well either you push the donate button here on this page or go to – both ways should work. Let us know if they don’t!
      Your donation is very much appreciated and we’re happy you like our work! As a bonus we just released alpha 5. ;)

      • Ulf says:

        Hello, naturally I tried the donate button first but it only redirects you to the PayPal login page with no hint to your PayPal account.
        The link does work, but you have to use the PayPal account without “dev”.
        Sent you 30€ to support your work.



  10. florian says:

    I’d like to translate what you’re developping into french (menus and stuff like that) because I think it’s too bad for the french community that everything is in English.
    I’ve already done it many times (for the Archos 605 and 5TIM)


    • tbr says:

      I just checked back and our guys tell me that you just need to turn on the french translation that is there already. We just inherited it from the AOSP.

      As to the guides in the wiki etc. – you are welcome to translate those but keep in mind that the wiki can change at any time. Thus invalidating your translation. This is very dangerous. Also we still don’t consider alpha 5 to be end-user ready!

  11. ConfuseM says:

    I’m really stunned about your Work here.
    I’m quite new to Archos (got my 101IT a month ago) and I’m allready positively surprised about the possibility to run dualOS.

    I’d also like to support you, but I know really little about programming, and even less about Ångström or generally about Linux…
    But I’d be interested to inform the Swiss Archos-Users about your work at my page (under construction) and would like to take your articles to translate them into German – if this is ok for you…?

    If there is any other way to support you, just tell me, ok?


    • tbr says:

      Gerne doch, aber beachte bitte, dass besonders nicht wirklich gut uebersetzbar ist, da es sich um ein Wiki handelt. Wenn Du also Sachen uebersetzt gib bitte immer die Orginalquelle und das Datum der Uebersetzung an.

  12. Hello

    I’ve installed Froyo Alpha3 into my Archos 5 IT. It have booted fine, but the Wifi is saying: “Unable to scan for networks. And I can’t add Wifi network by hand.
    So I can’t test it without Wifi.


  13. Rambabu says:


    I would like to contribute, i am working on android from past 6 months.


    • tbr says:

      Please join the mailing list and also visit us on IRC to get an idea where you could help us.

  14. Frank Grygier says:


    I would be happy to donate an Archos 7 home tablet to the cause. Just let me know were t ship it.

  15. Yossi says:

    I’d like to help on whatever
    I’ve got java/j2me skils
    worked quite a lot on win-mo
    but fairly new to Android
    if you could give my a tutorial to read and help you with codig hacking, that would be nice
    I hope I can be helpfull

    (oh, and I’ve got Archos 7 ht, and htc hd2 running froyo from haret on windows mobile)


    • tbr says:

      If you only have an A7HT then things are a bit more complicated I fear. :-(
      If you want to have a newer Android then you’d need to get a newer kernel working first. Maybe look for other RockChip based devices if someone got an kernel working that will support FroYo.

      You can do other things though. Angstrom should work if you tweak it a bit.

      Feel free to pop by on IRC to discuss things.

  16. Ernie says:

    Hi there,

    You might recognize me as zahne from ArchosFans Forum or not:-P I’m also a blogger. Much of what I blog about has to do with filmmaking but I do blog about open video, open source and android related to filmmaking. I’m a fan of Archos and its Android implementation. I’m also a fan of what you guys are doing. I’m not a coder by any means. I’m a filmmaker and writer. In addition to a donation, which I intend to make, I was wondering if someone from OpenAOS would like to take some time, an hour or two, and discuss the project with me as an interview that I would then write an article about. In short, I’d like to promote you guys and the work that you’re doing. It would a brief interview that I’d then publish on my site. Let me know what you think and I’d be happy to discuss it in detail.