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openAOS Crow for gen7 and gen8

Tuesday, December 25th, 2012
It’s been a while since our last release (Bull, you might remember).
But divx118 has been still working hard and here is another improved release.
Fixes for gen7/gen8:
  • Updated gapps download link bookmark in browser <– note this will only update when you use a new data.img.
  • Airplane mode works now and doesn’t mess with wifi anymore <– You will need a new data.img to let this properly work.
  • Improved deep sleep.
  • Some things I may have forgotten about.
  • Updated to latest CM7 source code.
  • Turned of rooted device for original firmware by default, because unionfs eats some resources on gen7 which slow down the device a bit. It can be enabled in advanced menu in the openaos bootmenu.
 Fixes for gen8:
  • Mounting external sdcard on pc works internal storage not.
  • USB host support, keyboard, mouse works
  • Usb stick works and is mounted on the folder usb_host in /mnt/storage
  • Clicking noice when going to deep sleep is almost entirely gone, but it can still come back in some cases a reboot will fix it when it comes back.
  • Youtube video playback fixed. SD clips play just fine, however HD can have some stuttering (hardware restriction).
  • Resizing when rotating the display should be solved for A101IT. I couldn’t test it yet on A70 and A43 maybe they still need some minor adjustments.
  • Removed mounting of the dangerous rawfs partition


The respective wiki pages for  gen7 and gen8 have been updated.

For those who know™ the raw files are here for gen7 and gen8