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Brief note: meego-core userspace booted on gen8

Saturday, January 29th, 2011

Not much more than the subject already says. I used the old meego-core image I had still around from gen7 and it happened to boot and show X11 + xterm.

It then quickly rebooted. Didn’t investigate yet if that’s due to a watchdog or something else.

Still wanted those who are waiting for things to happen in this direction to know.


Thomas, dm8tbr

PS: Yes I’m calling that meego as it was some real MeeGo userspace, just the kernel is probably not fully MeeGo compliant.

FroYo Alpha5 for gen7 Archos devices is here!

Wednesday, January 19th, 2011

We decided to give you something to play with as we have accomplished some nice things.

Alpha 5 contains:

  • Working accelerometer
  • Full-screen mode (long press power button -> full screen mode -> hide button in statusbar and enabe fullscreen e.g. for games)
  • Visual hilight when clicking Menu / Home / Back buttons
  • A helpful tools package installed by default
  • and probably some more things too – check out our issue-tracker for the details

Here it is:

Filesystem image and md5sum.

This page may be updated with more information soon.