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Gen9 GPL source coming soon?

Monday, September 12th, 2011

The more observant among our readers might have already noticed that these git repositories appeared today in the official Archos Gitorious account:

And something more verbose and also for the less tech-savvy among our readers:

This will be pretty much the same type of sources like we saw them for the previous generations. (Android/Linux kernel, toolchain, µClibc userspace, …)

One very important bit: this will not be the source-code for the whole firmware. This will only be the sources for which Archos:

  • voluntarily provides those
  • has to provide those due to licensing terms (e.g. GPL)

Just to make this clear: no Android source code is to be expected.

We expect that soon Archos will also provide a SDE firmware for gen9 to enable experimentation with open-source software on this very interesting OMAP4 based hardware. :)

New week, new boot menu version

Tuesday, July 5th, 2011

BuBU made significant improvements to the gen8 boot menu, so we’ve decided to make a blog post.

Note that this is still work in progress so you should actually follow (and link to) the boot menu guide on the developer wiki.

Most notable recent improvements:

  • new advanced menu which appear in OS selection (which lead to a new menu with debugging (serial stuff), recovery, reboot, disable rooted device, disable comcache)
  • other important feature is check validity for /file.img if does not exists it shows a list of available *.img under storage and it magically fix the menu.lst with the selected entry
  • fixed the touchscreen issue (under debian/other OSes)
  • difference between standard and debug is that the menu for serial appears early in initramfs
  • for both debug/standard you can switch serial… if you selected NONE initially.. u can go back in advanced menu > DEBUGGING to change to Ether or if u selected Ether you can got to same place to change to Both (or None or whatever)
  • Booting off partitions including µSD card partitions
  • IPv6 support in kernel

We plan to bring as many features as possible to the gen7 boot menu too in the near future so stay tuned.

Please report all problems on IRC and or to our issue tracker!

Here are the files for the impatient who know what they are doing:

SDE for Archos generation 8 devices released!

Wednesday, December 15th, 2010

Here it is: (scroll down to the bottom, click ‘Show’, scroll again, click first button, acknowledge, download)

I haven’t tried it yet, but read on that page that it comes with a nice dual-boot menu out of the box! Let’s get it on and run some fun things on those new devices. The scope is all generation 8 Archos Internet Tablets: 28, 32, 43, 70 and 101!

Let’s discuss things on the openAOS-dev mailing list.



PS: Yes there should have been more/other blog posts, but personally I have a new job and far less time for openAOS than I’d like to at the moment. :-(
Although my new employer (Tieto Finland) is very supportive of open-source involvement, so in the future things should look better. :-)

Archos releases updated GPL sources for gen7 devices

Thursday, August 5th, 2010

The sources released today contain kernel source for the 2.0.x line of Archos firmware. Especially the SGX/EGL kernel module sources are included which will be important for our FroYo and MeeGo endeavors.

We will soon start to sync the openAOS kernel to those sources.

Thanks Archos!

50£ for the first person to deliver working WiFi on Froyo!

Wednesday, August 4th, 2010

This gained momentum way faster than I expected. After some very interesting discussion I was surprised by this:

15:03:44< AlSutton> I'm going to put up 50 GBP (~ 60 EUR) for the first person to deliver working WiFi on Froyo that gets Gr8Ks approval.
15:04:50< AlSutton> When Gr8K gets back he can check the code, confirm it works, and then the payment will be made.
15:05:37< AlSutton> Payment will be via PayPal, and documentation on how to get the WiFi working needs to be included
15:08:10< AlSutton> Unless Gr8K has any objections I'm happy to let the fun begin... :)
15:08:44<@dm8tbr> AlSutton: in this case it wouldn't be that easy to keep the 'completely FOSS' rule though. the ti driver is not GPL. neither is the wpa_supplicant with the load of TI patches.
15:09:52< AlSutton> In the case it needs non-GPLed code it can do what the Nexus One Froyo build does; include a script to pull it from a known location (e.g. existing firmware / device)
15:11:00<+Gr8K> dm8tbr: no pb with the bounty
15:12:32< AlSutton> The N1 script to pull files from the device & put them in the build tree is at;a=blob;;h=afc97d5b5bd777843873c72f39946e018ce07015;hb=froyo-release in case anyone wants an example

(Parts not relevant to the bounty have been omitted)

The bounty is being offered by AndAppStore.

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