Gen9 GPL source coming soon?

The more observant among our readers might have already noticed that these git repositories appeared today in the official Archos Gitorious account:

And something more verbose and also for the less tech-savvy among our readers:

This will be pretty much the same type of sources like we saw them for the previous generations. (Android/Linux kernel, toolchain, µClibc userspace, …)

One very important bit: this will not be the source-code for the whole firmware. This will only be the sources for which Archos:

  • voluntarily provides those
  • has to provide those due to licensing terms (e.g. GPL)

Just to make this clear: no Android source code is to be expected.

We expect that soon Archos will also provide a SDE firmware for gen9 to enable experimentation with open-source software on this very interesting OMAP4 based hardware. :)

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5 Responses to “Gen9 GPL source coming soon?”

  1. a1Pha says:

    have a look at this :)

    • tbr says:

      This looks like a quite dangerous thing as it probably messes with your recovery menu. In the worst case it can render your device irreversibly into a brick.
      I’d advise to wait for the Archos SDE.

  2. GCSX says:

    Archos posted the sources :

  3. jkp says:

    The git repo appears to be populated now.

  4. Rabeeh says:

    Hi ,

    I hope we see a new update soon for the gingerbread for Generation 8…

    I really happy with the beta but there are a few glitches …. I was expecting this as this is a beta release afterall.

    Thanks for all your efforts ….