Updated Gingerbread image for gen8

BuBU has built an image based on the latest openAOS and CM code:

  • improved bluetooth (BT HID confirmed working)
  • workaround for web browser crash
  • default homepage is openaos.org
  • Archos community bookmarks
  • other

The latest image is openaos-gingerbread-gen8-20110708_183154.img.gz (md5sum).
Confirmed working with boot menu version featured here.

If you are new please be warned that this is still experimental and bugs are expected, for installation instructions continue reading here.

Gen7 code compiles but is not ready for public images. If you want to build it yourself for gen7 or gen8 here are some instructions.

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11 Responses to “Updated Gingerbread image for gen8”

  1. akthm11 says:

    ok no need for gingerbread just make the beta froyo for gen 7
    we’re still stuck in dunot you know

    • tbr says:

      If it would be that easy we would have made that long ago. We are refocusing on gingerbread to clean things up and target both gen7 and gen8 with one common code base, else it would be double the work.

      • nobody says:

        I hope there is going to be any release. Why did you refocus on gingerbread? It seems that this is only going to cost time and further delay any form of a stable release. Please tell me that I am wrong….
        Archos is not going to upgrade gen7 series devices …

        • tbr says:

          You’re wrong. (you asked for it)
          Froyo was a dead end and we didn’t get enough people to help work on it to ever reach a stable release. With Gingerbread we can both recycle what we already achieved (most of our Froyo work is portable)and gain people across hardware generations. Thus the outlook in terms of Android on genX is more sustainable. The alternative would have been to abandon gen7 Android all together.

          I probably should write a posting about this, but: We are not Archos, we are not driven by commercial interest. We are a small number of people driven by enthusiasm and the fun in hacking our hardware.

          Most people misunderstand that and demand things from us. Sorry, this will sound hard, but we owe you nothing, zero, zip. We do this for fun and you only get a say if you join the fun and work with us.

          • nobody says:

            Thanks. I was hoping for that kind of an answer.

            About the “We are not Archos” part. I am aware of that and I appreciate all the work you do.
            I was just concerned. I know of failed projects where the developers were thinking about/moving to
            the next version without having released an initial version.

  2. leijae says:

    freezes on SDE boot up

  3. rocco says:

    yes what about the gen7??
    when will be available??
    really thank you!!! :)

    • tbr says:

      There is some basic code, but it would need a few people to take care of it. We are still looking for more people to help.

  4. akthm11 says:

    so what about the gen 7 ?
    are you gonna make a gingerbread image to the gen 7 ?

  5. jch says:

    I’m still getting a hang in the browser. The page starts to load, then the whole system freezes — I need to forcefully reset it (long press on power button) in order to regain control.

    – jch