Anoa – First Gingerbread Release for Gen7 and Gen8, based on CM7

We’ve worked hard for it and now openAOS Android Anoa, the first beta grade release is here!

We give you Android 2.3 Gingerbread for gen7 and gen8 hardware, based on Cyanogenmod 7.

The images can be found on our new download server in the release directory.

If you haven’t set up your device to boot multiple operating systems yet then please follow the respective guides for gen7 (A5IT, A48 coming soon) and gen8 (A43, A70, A101).

Please keep in mind that this is not a full replacement firmware it is a community created Android 2.3 adaptation in beta stage. It should work OK but there are still many things missing (e.g. media playback, USB storage). If you find something that is clearly broken then please check if it has been reported yet and if not then please create an issue. DivX118 also summed it up nicely in a forum post.

A list of things adressed in this release (not complete, compared to older preview images):

  • fix browser crash
  • workarround for wake up from deep sleep issue -> disabled deep sleep (increases power consumption though)
  • fix for finding right sdcard device for vold
  • both internal storage and SD card should be visible now
  • new bookmarks (for archos scene)
  • power menu was not easy to get on gen7
  • new CM7 bookmark for G-apps (for more info see also our wiki on this topic)
  • used latest CM7 code
  • headphone switch (not complete yet)
  • lot’s of other things…

Many thanks to all the people who have spent their precious free time on this release: BuBU, divx118, illifant, …

If you are interested in helping and submitting patches, please check the developer pages on openAOS Android and consider joining our IRC channel and the openaos-android mailing list.

Why the release name Anoa? You may ask… Well we felt like bringing back easy to remember names so people know what they are running. Or would you rather try to remember: ‘the stable release of openaos android that came out for gen7 and gen8 and the images were the first ones built in week 33 of 2011 and is based on CM7′? Because that’s actually all encoded in the filename. Anoa it is then! :-)   But don’t get too used to it, the Bull is probably right around the corner… ;)

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25 Responses to “Anoa – First Gingerbread Release for Gen7 and Gen8, based on CM7”

  1. rik70 says:

    1. SD Card not working (internal memory is like an SD card, I sensed in the settings menu)
    2. GPS does not work

    Can anyone help?

    • tbr says:

      Will both be in the ‘Bull’ release.
      We had a RC but need to fix some more before a release.

  2. Ekkolous says:

    About this step:

    Compile aos tools (instructions for Ubuntu 10.04)

    (To bring up a terminal under Ubuntu, type ctrl-alt-T or see Using the Terminal.)

    sudo apt-get install libssl-dev #(if you have not already done it)
    sudo apt-get install subversion #(if you have not already done it)

    svn checkout aos-tools
    cd aos-tools/libaos
    cd ../tools
    sudo cp aos-unpack /usr/local/bin/
    Unpack original firmware

    aos-unpack /path/to/firmware_archos5.aos

    Is there a way to compile it on Windows? I did it once with Ubuntu 10.06 but I don’t have it anymore. I’m using Windows 7 32bit version (X86).

  3. steve says:

    Any idea when the next release will be?

  4. raer says:

    Tried it out on the A5IT/Gen7. Boots flawlessly. Had some random browser crashes though. Biggest problem is that the power management doesn’t work. The battery’s flat after a day, even if you don’t use the device.
    Developing applications for it seems to work, though I can’t get OpenGL ES 2.0 to run…

  5. Dennis says:

    ps-my bluetooth headphones work great on this – Motorola S305

  6. Dennis says:

    Does running this Gingerbread OS keep the Archos 5IT (A5H) driver from being recognized in Windows 7? I haven’t been able to get my computer to load any driver for it since installed. This OS is awesome because it brought my dead 160Gb tablet to life with a Seagate Freeagent Go 500Gb hard drive. Thank you for the info that helped me get my device working again! I got it from a pawn shop and it only worked for 3 days and it was limping along, at that.

    • tbr says:

      USB mass storage is currently only supported if you boot the original firmware via the boot menu or go into recovery.

  7. RGUniverse says:

    Are there any Screenshots or Pictures from the Gen7 Version?

  8. says:

    This update is awesome, although I have noticed a little slow, I feel excellent.
    Things that do not work:
    Can not mount as USB
    Battery Meter (above)

    Note: not if it happens to others, but in my archos 500 gb 5IT from img to install this, it shuts down suddenly and hard to turn! if this happens to someone else comment

    i am sorry my English, I write from Carcass, Venezuela

  9. absolut says:

    the Bull? What these?

  10. absolut says:

    the Bull???

  11. Rabeeh says:

    Thanks guys for all the hard work .. :)

  12. arnoo says:

    Wonderful release….thank you, again!

  13. rare says:


    Will give the image a shot when I have time…

  14. Dabaum2 says:

    WOW, you guys are amazing. Please keep up the good work.
    Thank you so much!

  15. David R. says:

    Just installed on the Archos 5 internet tablet; is there a Market app? If so where is it located, if not where do I download it?

  16. arnoo says:

    Again, and again, just thank you…great work!

  17. Luis says:

    Can anybody please send me the files cramfs and system please?

  18. illifant says:

    Shortlist of what works and does not work on gen7 A5
    - Booting :)
    - WiFi
    - Bluetooth
    - Accelerometer (most likely it will have the same issue as in Froyo – rotated axis, so test some games and tell me)
    - MP3, OGG, FLAC playback
    - Other

    Does not work (or works bad)
    - GPS (needs some work to port from Froyo as interface changed in Gingerbread)
    - Sound system. Sound only comes from the speaker, headphones do not work, apps that use microphone crash, don’t expect Bluetooth headsets to work.
    - Battery level is always at 75%. Everything is OK from the Android side, but the kernel does not report battery status
    - If you try to enable display on/off animations, this animation will be the last thing you see on the screen until reboot

    And just IMO – maybe increase the status bar height on gen7?

    • av500 says:

      AFAIK, there is no battery code in the kernel, you need to poll the atmega and update the kernel battery status from user space

      • tbr says:

        Correct, the bug for ‘improved battery status’ should also be still open for gen7. I saw it yesterday when cleaning up the tracker.

    • David says:

      I truelly wish I had more time to get involved and help. I’ve played with the image for about four hours now. Really impressed. Not a single reboot. Much better then the previous alpha releases. I really can’t find any problems other then the ones pointed out.

      Thank you guys for all your hard work. Again with my job and school I really have no time. Good news this is my two semesters,