Something interesting for gen9 owners

A little birdie just told us about stock firmware:

Vibra is not built into all units, but if yours has a vibra motor you can turn it on by issuing:

  echo ro.board.has_vibrator=yes >> /data/local.prop

If you want to damage your hearing, this one is for you:

  echo >> /data/local.prop


We’ll not be held responsible for whatever you do with this information. For all we know the unit might try to bite you or eat your homework!


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2 Responses to “Something interesting for gen9 owners”

  1. Harold says:

    How can these command be executed?
    I could imagine what the first command would do, but what happends after the second command? Does the max audio level go up, so you can turn it louder?

    And I guess to put the original settings back, you should execute them with =no ?
    What will happen with new firmwares? Will they reset these settings?

    • tbr says:

      You could run them via ADB or from connectbot. I hear you might need to be root for this to work.

      To disable those you’d need to delete those two lines from the file e.g. by editing it.

      Disclaimer: I don’t own a gen9 device yet, so I don’t know the details.