Linux for gen7

Nicktime put some more work into it and updated his work to now target Linux kernel version

You can find the current status on the openAOS developer wiki:

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3 Responses to “Linux for gen7”

  1. Jonathan Moerman says:

    I understand that the HDD doesn’t work with this… or is it only not tested??

  2. Brian says:

    I guess there will never be wifi or gps for this kernel though will there, if my understanding is correct in that there is no open source driver or specs for those. Is my understanding correct?

    ‘Tis a sad situation on the gen7. No more updates from Archos and no source/specs to even self-support ourselves. Instead we are stuck with a buggy implementation of Donut.

    • tbr says:

      Just the GPS chipset is completely closed source (n900 is in a similarly unfortunate situation). For the wl1271 there is a open source driver available.
      If necessary I can also try the original driver for which I have the source here and which supposedly should also be available otherwise under GPL. But I fear that the original driver would need quite some hacking to get it to work. So preferably the upstream driver would be the way to go. (If it’s not in 2.6.37, but 2.6.38 then using linux compat wireless would be the way)