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Archos (finally) releases SDE for gen9!

Monday, May 14th, 2012

So, they finally got around to it and it’s officially here! Glad to see this happening.


For those that want to use build-root and create something with minimal userspace the sources for SDE also appeared on archos git repository:

(note this is the source for the content of the SDE aos file, it does not allow you to create a signed AOS file. If you want to use the output, just flash it through recovery)

Just for fun: openAOS boots Maemo/Mer oh and Meego too, ’cause we can!

Friday, May 7th, 2010

This is more of an “oh-look-shiny” thing right now.

I’d like to EMPHASIZE this: Currently we do not support Mer on Archos hardware! This is just an proof of concept!

Gaap asked me on IRC today how to try Maemo/Mer on his A5IT. – Turns out it was very easy.

  1. You take: Mer build for SmartQ5 (Touchbook might work even better I guess)
  2. Throw that into an 500M+ ext3 image.
  3. For good measure throw in some parts of the original Archos SDE images.
  4. Modify menu.lst (the image needs /sbin/init)
  5. profit!

Here are two short videos by Ian58 and spz0:

To get this far you need to go through the first boot assistant. Notice that the screen calibration will be totally off and you need to aim a bit to the side. When you manage to hit an input field the virtual keyboard will show up.

Update: If you like watching paint dry you’ll also like this one: Meego code drop 20100331 repackaged for Archos

Please note, that this is just an proof of concept and nowhere near seriously usable. It just happens to work (a bit). But if someone wants to step up and properly port that or later Meego to Archos hardware. We’re very much open to it. Just contact us for hints and some help!